Interact with customers, partners and employees in 360° environments
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FLUX 360°:
One software - two applications

Bridging distances to train human-machine interactions

FLUX 360° for virtual showrooms   FLUX 360° for digital employee training

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FLUX 360° combines two applications. FLUX 360° can be used for your virtual showroom as well as for your digital employee training. And this does not mean that employee training has to take place in the same virtual showroom as product presentations for your customers.

Rather, with FLUX 360° you can create a virtual showroom for interactive customer encounters and product experiences and, detached from that, build a completely different 360° environment for digital employee training. Both scenarios can also be linked.

In both FLUX 360° applications, the laws of physics are suspended. Where your customers,
employees and trainers are located is irrelevant. The sizes and weights of products and training objects, each of which can be experienced here in 3D, are irrelevant. There are no physical limits in the FLUX 360° scenarios.

Virtual Showrooms/Digital Employee Training

FLUX 360° Software

FLUX 360° for virtual showrooms

Virtual showrooms with FLUX 360° for interactive customer encounters and product experiences are the new online stores. In spatial symbioses of reality and virtual content, companies meet their customers, dealers or partners with the help of innovative 3D or virtual reality technology. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing demand for digital interaction, virtual showrooms with FLUX 360° are interesting for all industries today.

The top advantages of this FLUX 360° application:

Complete 360° view and 3D objects in one scenario
Remove physical limits
Location-independent, simultaneous inspection with several people, interactive and autonomous
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FLUX 360° for digital employee training.

Digital employee training with FLUX 360° for innovative, digital knowledge transfer increases effectiveness. Individual working environment in 360° environments are available anywhere and anytime.
Teaching content is conveyed sustainably by means of animated 3D objects, for one user or together in groups, which is particularly important for products and processes that require explanation. The faster learning success leads to an enormous cost reduction and is the success factor for education and training.

The top advantages of this FLUX 360° application:

Combination of real 360° environment and virtual learning content
35% faster employee training than with traditional 2D materials
Increase of success rate by 90 % at the first training attempt
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