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No matter whether your use case is related to innovative machine maintenance or digital employee training, our FLUX SUITE is the foundation for the right FLUX Software.

This describes our aspiration with FLUX SUITE: To offer a software which changes the future in a positive way and to deliver new technological solutions for your special use case. The outcome includes the reduction of machine downtimes, more efficient workflow management, cost reduction, increased learning success as well as reputation improvements.

Even if your use case is not related to machine maintenance or employee training, we look forward to see your requirements and check how the FLUX SUITE can offer added value to you.

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Machine maintenance

Machine maintenance with FLUX AR

Manage your digital contents easily!

With FLUX AR you can call up maintenance-relevant content, such as machine documentation or maintenance instructions for the machine, directly at the real location and correct position.

Your service technicians can call up the content directly on the respective marker on the machine via smartphone or tablet.

Thus you achieve efficient workflow management through precise instructions.

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Machine maintenance with FLUX RE

Innovative digital assistance for efficient support

With FLUX RE you can overcome communication barriers such as language differences as well as temporal and geographical boundaries.

Your service technicians can contact an expert standing directly at the machine via video call and are optimally guided by content placed in the real room.

This is how you achieve reductions in machine downtimes.

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Employee training

Employee trainings with FLUX VR

Brigde distance to train human-machine interactions

With FLUX VR you can transfer training-relevant content, such as animated 3D data from your machines, into virtual reality. So you place them in a virtual room.
As a result, several employees or customers can be trained at the same time and with each other, regardless of possible restrictions of the real world, and complex processes can be easily taught. This way you can increase the success rate by up to 90 percent.

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Employee training with FLUX 360°

Effective digital employee trainings in real environments

With FLUX 360° you can transfer training-relevant 3D content and images of real surroundings into 360° panoramas. Users can move around freely and interact with the teaching content via navigation points.
Your employees go through a training in a real environment and according to the individual actions, there is an individual learning story for each user.
In this way you achieve an increase in efficiency and at the same time a reduction in your training costs.

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Advantages and benefits

Software basis of all FLUX applications
Content management system (CMS) for your digital data
Transform your 3D data into augmented and virtual reality
Export to your own app, in your corporate design
Connection to your software and hardware
High data security
Variable data output to your systems
Applications can be used by employees and customers
Extensions can be implemented independently
Reduction of machine downtimes
More efficient workflow management for machine maintenance
Increased learning success for employee training
Lower costs for machine maintenance and employee training
Image gain towards employees and customers


Use Cases of

Innovative machine maintenance
Remote Maintenace (among others)
Digital empleyee training
e.g. in virtual environments
Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and special machine construction Applications in other industries are possible

Case studies

FLUX SUITE: Case Studies
and References

KRAFT Maschinenbau

Machine maintenance with FLUX AR and FLUX VR
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Böllhoff Verbindungselemente

Employee training with
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Employee training with FLUX 360°
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Overwiew of all references

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What is the pricing of FLUX SUITE?

Beeing the foundation of every FLUX-Application – FLUX AR and FLUX RE for machine maintenance as well as FLUX VR and FLUX 360° for employee training – FLUX SUITE can only be used in combination with those. The FLUX SUITE is the foundation for one or more FLUX applications. The FLUX SUITE is therefore always the basis of the application and does not generate any separate costs.

Since the use of FLUX software is always aimed at the specific use case, all representations of objects, storage of digital content and the app are unique. Therefore, a general statement about the costs is not possible.

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Of course we are at your disposal for any questions. Either personally with the contact person for FLUX SUITE, via the contact form or our other contact details. We are looking forward to your requirements!

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