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What to expect in the live demo in the virtual showroom

You will experience how companies digitally meet their customers and partners with the help of innovative 3D, 360° and virtual reality technology and thus sustainably increase the attention for their products. Duration of the live demo: approx. 30 minutes. You can also participate with several people on several devices.

Which functions are demonstrated in the live demo

We will show you numerous features for interactive encounters and product experiences that you can combine: 360° renderings and real footage, simultaneous activities of multiple participants, guided and free tours, live communication and much more.

Is there time in the live demo for your individual use case?

Yes, we are looking forward to your ideas and requirements for your virtual showroom


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Your interlocutors in the live demos

Christian Terhechte
CEO Raumtänzer
+49 5242 5500070
<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-terhechte/" Network now on LinkedIn!


Samil Ceylan
Sales expert for the virtual showroom
+49 5242 5500032
<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/samil-ceylan-930219219" Feel free to contact us on LinkedIn!


What ist FLUX 360°

What is FLUX 360°?

With this software we combine different technologies to create your individual virtual showroom. You can change content or functions in it (e.g. videos or rights for users).

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