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Product data sheet

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Our solution

With Flux 360°, you can invite your customers to a virtual product presentation and explore your digital showroom together in real time.

Easy access via the usual web browsers
Integrable on your website
360° view of your showroom
Easy to use
Can be used around the clock


Our top sales features

Simultaneous inspection of a 360° showroom with several people
Free walking or guided tours for several users possible
Real panoramic and virtual (3D modeled) shots possible in one scenario
Voice-over-IP transmission on both sides
Overview of all currently active users
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Employee training
with FLUX 360° software

Effective digital employee training in real-world environments

Case Studies and references   Online software consulting


According to your requirements and training goals, training-relevant
scenarios are created with 360° shots of the real environment and expanded with digital content (including 3D movies, 3D models or animations of machines, equipment, tools or other objects). In the real 360° panorama, navigation points symbolize the locations, activities, categories, or time sections that the employee can interact with during the training. In the training scenario, the employee can move freely and has access to various stations where learning content is linked to the work environment. The learning content can refer to complex processes or montages that are performed virtually. This can be combined with nonlinear videos to show the consequences of actions and decisions and to consolidate content. This creates a learning story, depending on user behavior.

The scenario in the 360-degree environment can be used by 3D or VR data glasses, mobile devices or PCs for multiple users at the same time. Each user is located in their own 360-degree environment. Where the users of employee training are in the real world does not matter.

The 360-degree technology conveys extensive learning content in direct context with the real environment. Various work steps, operating and maintenance processes in the working environments or on the machines or systems are important here. Depending on the device, the interactions are possible via gestures and clicks.

The use of FLUX 360° software leads to higher efficiency and faster knowledge transfer. Studies show a success rate of up to 90 percent at the first training attempt. In addition, the real environment always provides further approaches and solutions for employee training using the 360° recordings. One consequence of this is the sustainable optimization of employee training.

Due to the data collection within the applications, training carried out can be automatically logged and automatically implemented into your system. This creates the prerequisite for defining further optimizations for employee training.


Benefits and values
added by FLUX 360°

35% faster employee training than traditional 2D materials
Increase the success rate to 90% at the first training attempt
Efficient qualification of own employees, partners and customers
Savings on transport costs for machines during external training
Effective optimization of employee training
Avoidance of travel expenses to selected employee training


Implementing FLUX 360°

Chronological order

Online software consulting
  • Free half-hour presentation of products and services
  • Induvidual meeting of your employee training requirements

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Workshop at your company
  • Creation of 360° shots or you, for creating a training scenario
  • Processing and transfer of data to our system
  • Presentation of the established employee training as a basis for decision-making for further steps in our cooperation

Use FLUX 360° in your own training app in your corporate design
  • Independent execution of 360° employee training
  • Customization possible

Continuous optimization based on performance data
  • Have training done automatically logged
  • Data connection to your system in the company
  • Evaluation of data to optimize employee training


Use cases of
FLUX 360°

Digital employee training
in real-world environments
Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and special machine construction
Applications in other industries are possible

Case studies

Case studies and references
for FLUX 360°


for FLUX 360° for employee training
go to the Evonik Case Study

Overview of all references

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How much does FLUX 360° cost?

Since FLUX 360° adapts to the individuality of your requirements
for the training of employees, no blanket statement on the costs is possible.
The services of FLUX 360° at a glance:

Online software consulting

  • Free presentation of products and advice on your individual use cases

Workshop in your company

  • Create 360° recordings for you, for creating a training scenario
  • Including presentation as a basis for decision-making for further steps

Monthly license to use FLUX 360°

  • Includes content-management-system


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Of course, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have. Either in person with the contact person for FLUX 360°, or via the contact form.

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