Your maintenance instructions and machine documentation are bulky?
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Complete maintenance tasks faster and flawless!

Instructions and additional information exactly where they are needed.

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Real use case in mechanical engineering

Our solution

With FLUX AR, instructions and additional information are displayed exactly where you need them to be.

Easy access via app on smartphone or tablet
Easy placement of visual maintenance markers
70% savings potential with standardized maintenance work
Efficient workflow management through precise instructions
Reduction of error rate during maintenance tasks
Realtime quality control
Optimization of the job situation


Product data sheet

FLUX AR for machine maintenance
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    Machine maintenance
    with FLUX AR Software

    Easy management of your digital contents

    Case Studies and references   Online software consulting


    Depending on your requirements and your use cases in machine maintenance, your maintenance-relevant content (e.g. machine documentation or maintenance instructions) is transferred to the FLUX-AR software. The maintenance-related content is then stored and assigned to the appropriate location using a visual marker attached directly to the machine. You can take care of it completely independently.

    In your own service app, in your corporate design, the machine documentation, maintenance instructions or other defined content for the maintenance tasks and use cases are visible. The service technicians simply use the FLUX-AR software inside their service app on a smartphone or tablet: Just scan the machine’s marker and the content is retrieved and directly visible in reality through augmented reality. With the intuitive controls in the augmented reality environment, all work steps are presented in an easily understandable manner and precise instructions are given.

    The use of FLUX-AR software leads to efficient workflow management through precise instructions. This also results in a lower error rate. Studies have shown a savings potential of up to 70 percent with standardized maintenance work and machine maintenance.
    In addition, the augmented reality means that new approaches and solutions for machine maintenance are emerging.

    The FLUX-AR software can of course be used simultaneously for various machine maintenance applications and by several employees, service technicians and customers.

    Due to the data collection in your FLUX-AR service app, completed use cases can be logged automatically and transferred to your ERP system or the like. This creates the prerequisite for optimizing your machine maintenance.


    Advantages and benefits
    through FLUX AR

    EPotential savings in standardized maintenance work of up to 70%
    Efficient workflow management through precise instructions
    Avoidance of travel expenses for service technicians
    Reduction of error rate during maintenance work
    Effective quality control through real-time quality inspection
    Resource-saving employee deployment
    Optimization of the workplace situation by placing information in the augmented reality
    Image gain through the use of innovative technologies


    Implemetation of FLUX AR

    Chronological order

    Online software consulting
    • Free half-hour presentation of our products and services
    • Individual discussion of your use cases

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    Workshop at your site on the machine
    • Collection of your maintenance-relevant information (machine documentation including image, video and 3D models)
    • Preparation and transfer of the data into our system
    • Setup of your machine with visual markers to place the processed content in the maintenance context
    • Presentation of the machine setup as a basis for decision-making for further steps in our cooperation

    Use of FLUX AR in your service app in your own Corporate Design
    • Saving costs with standardized maintenance work
    • Individual features possible
    • The app can be used by your service technicians and your customers

    Continuous optimization through the utilization of data
    • Havecompleted maintenance tasks automatically logged
    • Data connection to your system in your company (e.g. ERP system)
    • Evaluation of the data to optimize use cases and contents


    Use cases of

    Innovative machine maintenance
    Optimization of standardized maintenance tasks
    Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and special machine construction
    Applications in other industries are possible

    Case studies

    FLUX AR: Case Studies
    and references

    KRAFT Maschinenbau

    FLUX AR and FLUX VR for machine maintenance
    go to KRAFT case study

    Böllhoff Verbindungselemente

    for FLUX AR for digital product presentation
    see Böllhoff case study

    Overview of all references

    go to FLUX SUITE applications
    see alle references


    What is the pricing of FLUX AR?

    Since FLUX AR adapts to the individuality of your use cases in machine maintenance repair tasks, it is not possible to make a general statement about the costs.
    The services for FLUX AR at a glance:

    Online software consulting

    • Free presentation of the products and advice on your use cases

    Workshop at
    your site

    • Including live setup of maintenance instructions
    • Including presentation as a basis for decision-making for further steps

    Monthly license for using FLUX AR

    • Including content management system
    • Including marker, quantity depending on the application
    • Including data volume


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