Industry 4.0 machine maintenance and machine service technology

Optimizing machine maintenance is an investment in the effectiveness of any industrial production. Downtimes and production interruptions are not only incredibly expensive, they also consume enormous resources, can lead to a standstill of supply chains and a loss of trust among customers. Efficient machine maintenance and services are key to productivity. Not surprisingly, many industries are investing in innovative machine maintenance technologies.

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“I often have to explain the same thing”
Avoidance of repetition explain
“I’m tired of looking for guidance”
Context-related instructions immediately accessible
“Sometimes I travel for little things”
Avoid unnecessary travel costs
“It takes a very long time to identify a fault from a distance”
Efficient troubleshooting through visual guidance from a distance

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The future of machine maintenance has begun

The increasing importance of new technologies for industry is not only relevant for large companies, it is also a unique selling point for medium-sized businesses. Digital support for interaction between human and machine is in focus in order to increase productivity – with lower costs at the same time.

Data obtained from digital applications also show patterns for individual maintenance cases and are the basis for forward-looking optimizations. Companies that exploit this potential will benefit from it quickly.

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How disruptive innovations change machine maintenance and services

The use of new, disruptive innovations (e.g. augmented reality) replaces previous concepts of machine maintenance and optimizes processes. The goals are always the same: Reducing downtimes and production interruptions, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of resources (workflow management). The basis for this is relevant information for standardized maintenance tasks, for optimal support of the service technician directly at the machine. This means that on-site service technicians no longer need the expertise for every maintenance case, but instead use digital content (e.g. videos, images, 3D data). In addition, or for individual service cases, digital communication (video calls + annotations in digital space) can be used.

The consequences:
The presence of experts on site is no longer absolutely necessary for every maintenance and service case. This greatly reduces the travel costs for service technicians. Thanks to the digital support, service technicians work much more efficiently, either on the machine itself or as a central contact without being on site.

Immediate digital support reduces machine downtimes. The use of digital data supports project and personnel planning. This leads to an increase in the performance of the staff involved having more service time instead of travel time.


Machine maintenance

FLUX AR for machine maintenance

Easy management of digital content

With FLUX AR you can get maintenance-relevant information, such as machine documentation or maintenance instructions for the machine, directly at the right place in the real environment.

Your service technicians can get information directly on a marker on the machine via smartphone or tablet.

This is how you achieve efficient workflow management through precise instructions.

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FLUX RE for machine maintenance

Innovative digital assistance for efficient support

With FLUX RE you can overcome communicative barriers such as language differences and geographical boundaries.

Service technicians can contact an expert while being located directly at the machine via video call. They can be optimally guided by information placed in the real room.

This is how you can save up to 40 percent costs in individual service cases.

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Advantages and benefits of

Up to 70% savings potential for standardized maintenance task
Up to 40% savings potential for individual service cases
Reduction of plant downtime through immediate support
Efficient workflow management through precise instructions
Increased performance of employees through more service time instead of travelling time
Avoidance of travel expenses for service technicians
Direct interaction by simple gesture control and voice commands
Reduction of errors during maintenance work
Effective quality control by real-time quality inspection
Optimization of the workplace situation by placing information in augmented reality
Reduction of communication barriers
Image gain through innovation


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