Maintenance & Service

with Augmented Reality

Savings of up to 70% in standardized service cases.

Savings of up to 40% in individual service cases.


Education & Training

with Virtual Reality

90% success rate for the first training attempt.

Efficient qualification and retraining.

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„Create your own reality“

„Create your own reality“

As specialists in augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and 360-degree visualizations, we offer tailor-made solutions for your business and meet the individual requirements of our customers. Intensive work since our foundation means we have primarily specialized in three areas, namely: Maintenance & service, education & training and research & development.

Supported by our close proximity to research, our young, interdisciplinary team already finds itself at home in the most diverse worlds today. With over 100 completed projects under our belt, we know how to help solve the challenges the digital revolution imposes.

We support our customers from the time of conceiving new business models and/or evaluating cost-saving potential. Our knowledge is available to our customers: from the initial idea to prototyping and implementation in ongoing processes.

Realities blend into each other, business models change in sustainable ways. We shape this change and help you handle it in your stride.

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Fields of application

Maintenance & service

  • Savings of up to 70% in standardized service cases.
  • Minimize downtime
  • Optimize processes
  • Avoidance of costs for technicians
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Education & training

  • First training course – boasting a 90% success rate
  • Efficient qualification
  • Saving on transport costs
  • Real-time control
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Research & development

  • Making research more tangible in the “real-virtual” world
  • Repeatability at will
  • Control over laboratory conditions
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Augmented Reality

We show you how to enrich the real world with digital content and how to leverage this advantage in your business. Discover more about working, learning, experiencing and informing tomorrow.

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Virtual Reality

VR has long since bid the world of games farewell. Thanks to our projects, we understand precisely which challenges the digital revolution imposes and we show you meaningful and efficient areas in which this fascinating future technology can be applied.

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Mixed Reality

What is real and what is fiction? We combine the best of both worlds and present solutions that pave the way to handle tomorrow’s work and learning today and break down barriers. Why not see for yourself?!

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Turn around a second! We show you the world from a different perspective. Our views not only bring things into focus, they make you a part of what’s happening and put you at the center.

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Selected customers

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Do you have questions about our app, or about ar/vr technology in general?

Do you need support for your project or want to have your concept tested for feasibility?

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