Experience spatial symbiosis of the real world & virtual content interactively
Video conferencing in 360° panoramas and with multiple people, together and autonomously.

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Virtual showrooms with FLUX 360° for sustainable interactions between users and products

Create a digital space for interactive encounters and product experiences. Regardless of user locations, availability of your products, opening hours or trade fair dates. You can also avoid costs for rentals, travel, and transportation.

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Product data sheet for FLUX 360° for
virtual showrooms

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Our solution for virtual showrooms

With FLUX 360° you can invite your customers or partners to your online store that you can walk through together. Visualize your
your products and communicate in your own virtual or real 360° environment.

Easy access via common web browsers (desktop and mobile)
Can be integrated on your website
Spatial symbioses of real world and virtual content in your corporate design
Simple operation
Available around the clock
Users can participate from anywhere
Image gain through use of innovative technology

Our top sales features

Free walk-through and/or guided tours with moderator or salesperson
Simultaneous walk-through by single or multiple persons, interactive and autonomous
Sustainable increase of attention through interactions
Multiple sales rooms for products and their application possible
Multiple sales rooms for products and their application possible
Two-sided transmission of image & sound
Share screen function available
Overview of all currently active visitors
On request: registration with name and company


Offer your customers digital product experiences.
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    Virtual Showrooms
    with FLUX 360° Software

    Interactive customer encounters in the virtual and real 360° scenario

    Live Demo FLUX 360°   Online software consulting


    According to your sales goals and requirements, sales-promoting 360° environments are built and enriched with virtual content (including videos, 3D movies, 3D models or animations of products or other objects). Using navigation points for rooms, positions and products, as well as a bird’s eye view, all users orient themselves in the virtual showroom. A user or a group can either move freely or move by means of a defined tour. The virtual content encourages digital interaction or product application or visualization – even of future products. The navigation points and contents are not subject to a linear sequence (exception: guided tours). User behavior can be completely individualized.

    The 360° environments with their content can be used by several users at the same time via web browser on laptops, PCs and mobile devices. This is possible together as a group and for each individual autonomously. The locations of the users in the real world are irrelevant.

    Using the 360° technology of the FLUX 360° software, detailed product information is conveyed in the direct context of the real sales environment of a retail store or a trade fair booth. The 1:1 communication between employees and customers or partners, as well as the application of products, are in the foreground here.

    The application of the FLUX 360° software conveys product information interactively and therefore in a particularly sustainable way. Already now the development is foreseeable: The virtual showroom will become the new online store.
    For operators, this also creates approaches for optimizing the customer approach, product visualization and product development, as there are no physical boundaries in the virtual showroom.


    Advantages and added value
    by FLUX 360° for your virtual showroom

    Digital product presentation without physical boundaries for products and user locations
    Sustainable knowledge transfer through interactions
    Customer encounters and sales talks (independent of restrictions)
    Efficient integration on your website or in existing sales processes
    Saving of rent and transport costs for stationary presences or trade fairs
    Avoidance of travel costs


    Implementation of FLUX 360° for digital showrooms

    Chronological order

    Personalized live demo for you and your company
    • Presentation of the power of FLUX 360°
    • Introduction to 360° technology and the extensive options
    • Individual consultation for your digital showroom requirements

    Live Demo FLUX 360°

    Defining sales goals for the virtual showroom
    • A briefing is used to define your specific expectations
    • Preparation of the data in terms of presentation and functionality
    • Agreement on implementation

    Using FLUX 360° in your corporate design
    • Creation of the virtual showroom
    • Individual functions possible

    Optimizing your sales processes based on user behavior
    • Tests of product presentations, visualizations and developments
    • Users in the virtual showroom provide extensive insights for optimization
    • Improvement of tours, product presentations, scenarios and communication


    Use cases of
    FLUX 360°

    Virtual showroom for customers, partners and for online trade fairs
    Alternative to stationary customer meetings, product presentations or trade fairs Improvement and extension of sales processes
    Increase of training success
    Increase of training success
    Applications in all industries

    Case studies

    Case Studies and References
    for FLUX 360°


    for FLUX 360° for employee training
    to the Evonik Case Study

    Overview of all references

    to the applications of FLUX SUITE
    view all references


    What does FLUX 360° cost?

    Since FLUX 360° adapts to your entrepreneurial sales goals, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about costs.
    The services of FLUX 360° at a glance:

    Personal live demo

    • Free presentation of the software and advice on your individual requirements

    Defining Your Sales Goals

    • Matching presentation and functionality for implementation

    Monthly license to use FLUX 360°

    • Includes maintenance and hosting


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    Create a virtual space for interactive customer encounters and digital product experiences for your customers, partners and employees. Exploit the full potential of product visualization!

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    Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Either personally with the contact person for FLUX SUITE, via the contact form or our other contact details. We are looking forward to your requirements!

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