Employee training in
times of technological transition

The operational training of employees is an important success factor for the development of companies. This affects all areas: Training, qualification, research, production and sales. The conventional forms of employee training have several limiting factors: Participants, the trainer and the object to be trained on (e.g. a machine) must be in the same place. The trained situation must be re-enacted to convey the learning content effectively. New technologies help to overcome these limitations.

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“The amount of travel required to conduct training on our products is high”
Minimisation of travel costs through virtual training
“Every training session consumes exercise material”
Cost savings through virtual consumables
“Error scenarios are difficult to train”
Flexible design of training scenarios
“Participants often lack the practical context”.
Increase in training success through recorded real application scenarios

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Effective employee training by innovative digital applications

Employee trainings have changed tremendously thanks to technological developments. Technologies such as virtual reality and 360° offer a number of new options for implementing employee trainings. These increase learning success and also lead to an enormous reduction in training costs.

Within our FLUX VR software, the employees to be trained meet the trainer and the learning content in a virtual environment. Within FLUX 360°, employees undergo digital training in a real environment, in which they can orient themselves individually in order to master training tasks.

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Effects of digitalization on employee trainings

The use of disruptive technologies, such as virtual reality and 360°, replace existing concepts for employee training, or optimize them.

Previous barriers, such as the availability of machines as training material or the need to be in the same place for the training, will be removed.
The physical dimensions of working environments and machines are no longer relevant, so they can be redesigned or displayed true to the original. For interaction and communication of training content these can be enlarged in detail. Digital content is placed in the room and guides employees through tasks or provides assistance. The increased attention enables the employee to use more sensory organs and thus increases knowledge transfer and learning success.

The consequences:
Employee trainings in individual work environments are available anywhere, anytime. Travel expenses are minimized or do not arise at all. The training targets, such as machines and systems, do not have to be on site or taken out of production for employee training. The teaching content is conveyed efficiently and the complexity is reduced, which is particularly important for products and processes that require explanations. Repetitions of training courses are unlimited.

Overall, employees and companies benefit from higher quality, as well as considerable time and cost savings for employee training.



FLUX VR for employee training

Bridging distances to train human-machine interactions

With FLUX VR you can transfer your training relevant content, e.g. animated 3D data of your machines, in virtual reality. You place them in a virtual room. Thereby several employees or costumers can simultaneously and with each other, detached of possibly restricting dimensions of the real world, be trained and complex processes can be conveyed more easily. By this means, you can achieve an increase of the success rate up to 90 %.

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FLXU 360° for employee training

Effective digital employee training in real world environments

With FLUX 360 you can transfer your training relevant content, e.g. 3D content and images of your real setting in 360°-panorama images. In these, the users can move freely by use of navigation points and interact with teaching and learning content. Your employees can pass such a training in real settings and in response to the individually performed actions an individual learning story evolves for each user. By this means, you can achieve an increase of efficiency by a reduction of your training costs at the same time.

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Benefits and added values of
FLUX VR and FLUX 360°

35% faster employee training compared with conventional 2D materials
Increase of success rate by 90% for the first training attempt
Efficient qualification of own employees, partners, and costumers
Avoidance of traveling costs for selected employee trainings
Saving transport costs of machines in case of external trainings and presentations
Effective optimization of employee training
Job onboarding and workstation optimization through virtual environments


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