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Virtual showrooms are spatial symbioses of the real world and virtual content that can be experienced interactively. In the virtual showroom, also known as the digital showroom, companies meet their customers, dealers or partners with the help of innovative 3D or virtual reality technology. In this way, physical parameters are suspended.

Virtual showrooms are currently interesting for all industries. On the one hand, due to the Covid-19 pandemic – on the other hand, digital product experiences are increasingly in demand and virtual showrooms also have many other advantages, especially from an economic point of view.

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“The costs – for travel, transport and rent – for the realization of trade fairs or other stationary presences are very high.“
Minimize travel, transportation & rental costs with virtual showrooms
“No product experience without product on site”
Cost savings through digital product visualization (without physical limits)
“Irregular visitor numbers at the booth can be difficult to serve optimally”
Guided tours in the virtual showroom provide comprehensive information
“Prospects and customers are often tied to place and time”
Increase customer encounters through digital access 24-7, of course with optional appointments

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Virtual showrooms are the new online stores

Product experiences are becoming increasingly digital due to technological innovations. It is no longer just a matter of configuring a product and rotating it in a 360° view. In virtual showrooms with 360° and virtual reality technologies, any product visualization can be implemented and, what’s more, customer encounters occur here, no matter where the visitor or visitors are in the world. The product can be experienced interactively here. Sales staff communicate directly with the visitors.

In the virtual showrooms of our FLUX 360° software, employees encounter several and individual users alike, together or autonomously, even simultaneously (so-called multi-user sessions). Groups can also visit the showroom in guided tours and individual users can be addressed and guided individually.

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Sequences of customer encounters and product experiences in virtual showrooms

The use of new, disruptive technologies, such as 360° and virtual reality, has not yet fully replaced previous concepts of stationary presences, such as trade show booths and stores. However, virtual showrooms are already more than an alternative with many advantages – especially beyond what is possible or available in reality.

Previous limitations, such as product availability or the requirement that all visitors to a trade show or store be in the same place at certain dates and times, are no longer applicable. Sales-promoting environments and product visualizations in which physical parameters are no longer relevant are completely redesigned and supplemented virtually. Product information and features can be conveyed in a playful way. The digital content and 3D objects are placed in the room and invite visitors to interact with them. The increased attention leads to visitors using more sensory organs in the virtual showroom, thus sustainably improving the product experience.

The consequences:
Customer encounters and product experiences in virtual showrooms are possible at any time, anywhere in the world. Travel, transport and rental costs for stationary presences are eliminated. Sales staff working in the virtual showroom do not have to leave their workplace to meet and advise customers. Field sales staff can move their customer appointments to the virtual showroom.

Product features are communicated in a much more sustained manner, which is particularly relevant for products and their applications that require explanation. In addition, products and their variations can be shown and offered completely independently of whether they exist in the real world.

Companies, employees, customers and prospects benefit from flexible and interactive customer encounters and product experiences, as well as significant time and cost savings.


Virtual showroom

FLUX 360° for virtual showrooms

Product experiences without spatial, temporal and physical limits

With FLUX 360° you create sales-promoting rooms in your corporate design in 360° environments.
The combination of reality and virtual content removes the previously given limits of what is possible.
Visitors can move freely, in groups or individually, or use visible navigation points.
Visitors can also be easily guided via defined tours. Virtual showrooms increase the attention of your customers and reduce various costs at the same time.

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Advantages and added value of
FLUX 360° virtual showrooms

Spatial symbiosis of real world and virtual content
Complete 360° view and 3D objects in one scenario
Eliminate physical boundaries
Simultaneous walk-through with several people, together and autonomously
Free walk-through and/or guided tours
Sustainable increase of attention
Can be integrated on your website and accessed via web browser
Communication via transmission of image & sound
Avoidance of travel costs for employees and customers
Saving of transport costs and rent


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