Fields of application

Augmented, virtual, mixed reality and 360-degree scenarios are the benchmark standards for the years to come. We have long since transcended the hype and have to get to grips with wide-ranging technical innovation. Modern visual communication is changing how we inspire, teach, learn and research long term.

At Raumtänzer, we count ourselves among the first pioneers to blaze a trail in this field, joining forces with developers and universities in our research to date. Moreover, we also design, develop and present tailor-made, marketable AR, VR and 360° solutions for wide-ranging industries and application areas. Check out this overview:

Fields of application

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Hardly any other development is likely to change the way we work as much as the use of AR and VR solutions.

We leverage augmented reality to project digital images and data onto real objects. This puts the required data directly into context and means we can absorb information more easily and use it unhindered. People will understand more swiftly and, above all, more easily. Meaning time saved and greater efficiency and satisfaction thanks to a lower error rate.

Studies show time savings of 25% and more for manufacturing tasks in industry.

Maintenance & Service

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Conventional training documents are usually only available in 2D as manuals or PDF files.

Using AR and VR solutions helps us not only reproduce reality 1:1, but also import all the necessary data in real time and where it is needed. We enrich reality with relevant data while simplifying things at the same time, explain relationships clearly and can solve issues as and when they arise.

Subsequent steps are automatically predefined by the system. Error rates are approaching zero.

Education & Training

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The remit of our research team goes beyond the possible future scenarios of our clients alone.

Here and now, we are already hard at work on the AR and VR innovations of tomorrow and beyond. In the process, we are leveraging our AR and VR scenarios to already create a credible image of present-day reality.

This is how we explore how our environment would change under pre-defined conditions. Exciting, surprising and fascinating.

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