Augmented reality (AR) explains everything the "box" can do

“Following the development and production of a pioneering container system – a type of system which does not yet exist on the market –, we were looking for an equally innovative way to clearly showcase its special features and advantages. We have found a fitting presentation solution with the Raumtänzer app.“

Böllhoff, Bielefeld


New presentation options wanted for innovative product features


A product that seems unspectacular at first glance is to stand out by means of how its special features are presented.

Storage boxes are not exactly the type of product that attracts a lot of special attention. However, the ECOBIN container series used by Böllhoff, based in Bielefeld, is really quite something. The modular containers and their high degree of functionality are the centerpiece of an innovative and RFID-controlled delivery system which received the German Packaging Award in 2018. The nine functional features of the “storage box” are a key component through which improvements in efficiency and cost savings can be achieved in combination with high quality and goods provision. But how do you succeed in showcasing these advantages and innovations of the award-winning container series in an appealing way?

A photo, a tablet and the Raumtänzer app


3D product presentation using augmented reality illustrates why ECOBIN storage boxes are award-winning

Thanks to the 3D product presentation, each of the nine features of the ECOBIN container series is clearly presented as an individual animation. When viewed through a tablet, the container appears as a 3D object on the cover of the brochure and can be viewed freely from all sides. In addition, a range of container sizes can be selected on the start screen. The user only needs a tablet and the Raumtänzer app to run the product presentation.

The title page of the product brochure was chosen as the marker. If the interested party holds the tablet’s camera over the cover image when the app is started, a single Böllhoff container appears on the screen. The user can choose between two modes at this point. With regard to the first mode, the 3D object displayed can be switched between four different designs/container models. The second mode illustrates the USPs of ECOBIN by means of small animations. These can be selected individually using the buttons positioned on the 3D object. Clicking on them makes the buttons disappear and the 3D-animated application starts automatically and introduces the special features of the container system clearly and with relevant information.


A presentation that speaks for itself

The 3D-animated product presentation makes it possible to showcase all the special features and advantages of a product in a clear and convincing way – and make it seem as though you’re holding the product in your hand. The product, here the ECOBIN container, can be rotated and stacked alongside other containers. Anything that is not obvious at first glance is highlighted visually, while the product advantages are also displayed in text form. A presentation that speaks for itself.


AR product presentation can be experienced at any time

The product presentation, based on augmented reality, makes a product (even in the smallest of spaces) a tangible experience. It can take place or be made available at any time and anywhere.

Product presentation by means of AR
… is an innovative way of showcasing new features of a product.
… does not require a “tangible” product, only a marker, e.g. the
product brochure.
… is self-explanatory as it clearly shows and describes the
… can also be used at small trade show stands and on-site for
customer visits
… allows the interested party to present the product independently,
e.g. to raise interest among line managers and colleagues.


The development of an AR application for 3D-animated product presentation included:

  • Conception
  • Preparation of the delivered design data for use in
    augmented reality
  • Animation
  • Interaction design
  • Creation of the AR application/programming

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