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What is AR?

Another term often used is “augmented reality”, which means enriching reality with additional digital information. These can be 3D objects, videos, games, images or texts. This should help simplify complex tasks or make additional information available in real time. The preliminary stages are already familiar from everyday life: Navigation devices, reversing cameras with auxiliary lines or head-up displays. Nowadays, we use all kinds of smart devices such as tablets and smartphones that can be integrated into the real world. Never faster or easier than when using our Raumtänzer app or devices that already have integrated AR technology.

Today we take you on a tour of foreign cities, explain the touristic highlights to you, resurrect historical personalities or have the mayor waiting on the town hall stairs to welcome you. For us, it is irrelevant whether we provide the information in German, French or any other language. Finally, our app will take you to the next café or restaurant on request.

Conversely, our Raumtänzer app can also explain how to change the cutting unit in a high-performance machine or the windshield wiper on your vehicle in real time. In other words, we can leverage Augmented Reality to help solve complex tasks. The app accompanies you every step of the way in real time and automatically explains the next step. Giving you all you need to assemble components or carry out maintenance work, even without specialist knowledge.

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Function AR

How does Augmented Reality work?

The user scans a marker, e.g. a marked image, using an AR app.

The app recognizes the image and triggers an interaction in real time. For example, 3D elements, texts or images are then loaded from the server and processed.

The end device displays the content linked to the marker in real time and in the correct position.


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We deliver the key information directly to the property precisely when it's needed.
Playful interactions involving the object help motivate and inform, while visuals in the form of pictorial images promote easier learning. Even print media already printed can gain from the bonus of added digital content. In addition, there is ample scope to reuse digital content multiple times.
Using Augmented Reality lets you convince others with a technical highlight and present real eye-catchers.




Possible applications

Options for use

Trade fair support

Present trade fairs and exhibitions in a whole new dimension. Whether it involves functional models or complete machine lines. AR adds the “wow effect” that transforms even the smallest exhibition stand into an impressive performance show.


With our solutions, you are always virtually on the spot, whenever your customers need help and support. You can also reduce the travel costs when deploying service technicians at the same time.


AR creates all-new approaches; dividing even complex tasks into small and understandable steps. Making it faster and easier for employees to learn. Repeating to refresh? Supplements? Whenever you want - at the touch of a button!



Example of "G. KRAFT Maschinenbau GmbH"

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A maintenance app for Industry 4.0
The use of modern technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR) is increasingly gaining ground in the context of Industry 4.0.

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