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What is VR?

VR solutions bring you into a virtual world that completely overlays the real field of vision. Today, we use wide-ranging glasses for this purpose, many of which are combinable with headphones. Helping you dive into an all-“new” world, in which every element is “virtually” created and represented.

We use this technology so that people, however far apart, can work closely on a project or problem in real time. This means that even the largest of machines can be presented and explained in detail at trade fairs, even though the prototype remains unbuilt or is in the main factory in the development department.

Maintenance work can proceed without the need to call in technicians, as the technician and staff meet in a virtual room, exchange information and solve issues affecting the virtual components. Meetings, presentations, training sessions and seminars can be held anywhere worldwide without incurring travel costs. Here, too, the teams exchange information in real time within a virtual space.

Today, our experts join our customers in developing complete VR scenarios, accompany prototyping and implementation from the initial idea to the process of completing comprehensive VR solutions and launching them onto the market. Key here in particular are marketability and a functioning business model.

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Options for use

Options for use

Training / Education

VR helps you focus on the essentials. Whether it is virtual individual training or moderated exchange, in which trainers and learners act in real-time in a virtual space - VR training and education transform all industries.


Our VR solutions allow you today to research the scenarios of tomorrow. Whether it's a virtual supermarket, interactive payment transaction or a product launch. Within a virtual space, gage how the consumers of tomorrow behave.


From the process model and functional analysis right up to the new operating concept. Almost no application exists that cannot be simulated with VR. As well as reducing costs, we also accelerate the “time to market”.

Product presentations

Simply take your latest product development or machine along with you to your next customer appointment. Demonstrate all functions in real time and explain all details vividly on a functioning, virtual 3D model.

Virtual Meetings /
Product development

Work together in real time and across rooms. Virtual meetings bring people together worldwide; helping pool ideas and accelerate development.

Remote maintenance

With our solutions, you are always virtually on the spot, whenever your customers need help and support. If you wish, technicians and engineers can meet you in the virtual space and team up to collaborate with you in real time.

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VR Service Features - Multi User Experience
Allowing a multi-user experience within the scope of virtual reality! Allowing groups to communicate, even when not all in the same room.
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Virtual & Augmented Reality Trade Fair
Raumtänzer presented the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality innovations at this year's FMB in Bad Salzuflen.
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Virtual Reality Kitchen - Hacker Kitchen
Insights into the "Vision Room" of Häcker Küchen at the in-house trade fair 2017. Experience all-new dimensions of kitchen planning.

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