Nowadays, our work for customers centers on four core disciplines.

With well over 100 projects completed, we are one of the parties spearheading innovation and technology in our industry.

Thanks to close cooperation with our local universities, as well as being aware of the trends on the horizon, we can also test the idea of tomorrow today. At the same time, we collaborate with the developer generation right from the start.


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The term “augmented reality” is heard more and more and refers to the process of enriching reality with additional digital information. These can be 3D objects, videos, games, images or texts. This should help simplify complex tasks or make additional information available in real time.

Something we can do swiftly and easily using our Raumtänzer app or devices already incorporating integrated AR technology.

Augmented Reality

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VR solutions give you access to a virtual world that completely overlays the real field of vision. Today, we use wide-ranging glasses for this purpose, many of which are combinable with headphones .

Helping you dive into an all-“new” world, in which every element is “virtually” created and represented.

Virtual Reality

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MR or Mixed Reality refers to solutions and projects in which reality is enhanced by computer-generated content.

MR is an umbrella term for all projects where the way in which real and virtual worlds are mixed cannot be precisely defined.

Mixed Reality

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With 360-degree photos and videos, you can place your customers right in the middle of the action. Situations and places are perceived more intensively and realistically.

The technical developments of recent years impose enormous demands, in terms of storyboard, implementation and video direction in particular, all of which far exceed those of conventional productions.



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