Research - as early as now, we simulate today with the technology of tomorrow

Leveraging AR and VR scenarios to already create an authentic image of reality today. We can also explore how our environment would change under pre-defined conditions. In other words, we simulate the future.

Here, the scope of our research team goes beyond potential future scenarios of our clients alone. Here and now, we are already hard at work on the AR and VR innovations of tomorrow and beyond.

Pay us a visit and familiarize yourself with Raumtänzer. Our demo room is where we showcase current trends and developments long before the trade press reports on the same.

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Augmented Reality - HoloLens assistance system
Augmented Reality (AR) becomes the new man-machine interface, a bridge between the digital and physical worlds.
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VR training sessions

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Do you need support for your project or want to have your concept tested for feasibility?

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