Industry 4.0 - Understanding and shaping change

Forward-looking technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are gaining ground in Industry 4.0.

Hardly any other development is likely to change the way we work as much as the use of AR and VR solutions. For example, we use augmented reality to project digital images and data onto real objects. This puts the required data directly into context and means we can absorb information more easily and use it unhindered.

Though virtual and optical superimposition directly onto physical things, we eliminate the need for a mental transfer between the digital and real worlds, which would otherwise be incumbent on the user. People will understand more swiftly and, above all, more easily. Meaning time saved and greater efficiency and satisfaction thanks to a lower error rate. Studies show time savings of 25% and more for manufacturing tasks in industry. Moreover, these merging worlds are constantly spawning new approaches and solutions. Artificial intelligence, guided assembly processes, remote maintenance, virtual training and education are just the start.

Advantages of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Industry 4.0

  • Intuitive control
  • Resource-saving
  • Multilingual capability
  • Service function

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possible applications

Possible applications and areas of application

Individual training scenarios can be repeated virtually as often as required. The test environment is completely safe, does not interfere with current operations and can also simulate all possible failures without, for example, having to stop the entire production line.

Virtual training sessions

Whether conferences or remote maintenance. Within virtual spaces, agreements and support services can be concluded and delivered regardless of place or time. Virtual reality allows experts to visit customers at any time to instruct on maintenance and repair services. Employees are also available for on-site meetings during home office hours and stays abroad. These sessions can also be recorded and reviewed at any time.

Virtual arrangements

Extended content paves the way to navigate through large warehouses and between thousands of storage locations to be displayed and automatically optimized. We support each step of the process, from picking and mispicking to loading machines and semi-automatic product quality assurance.

Guided picking and production orders

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Maintenance work with AR
Key maintenance processes can be retrieved using an app in 3D, correctly positioned, in real time and using AR by scanning AR markers on selected machines.
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Service features with VR
Allowing a multi-user experience within the scope of virtual reality! Allowing groups to communicate, even when not all in the same room.
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Picking with AR
This is a demo application of a Microsoft HoloLens in Industry 4.0 context. HoloLens includes a direct interface to an ERP system.

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