Interactive 360-degree training tour with VR

“We wanted to use the interactive Evonik tour as a means of providing an authentic insight into the work of our chemical technicians. In addition, the VR application provides descriptions of the workplace of such good quality that we are even able to use them when instructing our new apprentices.”

Evonik-Chemiepark, Marl


Raising interest in an apprenticeship at Evonik


Students are to become familiar with the different jobs and the associated tasks by means of VR

Evonik, a specialist chemicals company, uses the latest findings from science, technology and engineering in its innovations. When it comes to securing the next generation of skilled workers, the company is just as innovative in its measures. From the career choice test on the company’s own career page and various internship formats as well as social media activities and traditional open days, everything that a company can do to raise interest among new apprentices is there to see. Evonik encourages their own apprentices to add their input to all of these measures. They are in the best position to explain their work and inspire their future colleagues in this regard.

At Chemiepark Marl, the largest chemical site in Germany, 10,000 employees work in a range of scientific, technical and commercial professions. As part of an open day, the company was seeking an opportunity to inform the student invitees as comprehensively as possible about the work of a chemical technician and to do so by means of various work steps. It was possible to visit the factory hall and the site, but detailed information could not be given at the respective workplace during operation. That’s understandable. But where do things go from there?

Edutainment with a mobile VR headset


During a virtual tour, the students were introduced to specific work steps by the apprentices themselves in an entertaining way.

The Raumtänzer VR experts collaborated with a professional film team to this end. A non-linear storyboard was written to begin with. The contents were then filmed on-site over two days using a 360-degree camera. This professional camera made it possible to obtain stereoscopic 360-degree images. In the subsequent VR application, these images created the 3D impression of a room with depth, immersing the user deeper into the virtual world and making such a world seem much more realistic. Plastic boxes are produced in the factory hall, which was chosen as the shooting location. In seven work steps, at seven stations. There is an apprentice at each station in the film who provides an in-depth explanation of what is taking place.

A range of interactive elements ensure a lively learning experience. This means that the person wearing the VR headset is able to interact in virtual reality with the people and objects they see – including an interactive learning quiz.

The VR application developed in this way was installed as an “Evonik Tour” on the VR headsets of the Oculus Go model that were used. In addition, there is an application that has been specially designed for viewing from a tablet or desktop.


Learning made easy

The 360-degree training tour, developed in collaboration with Evonik apprentices, has a deceptively realistic look thanks to its interactive elements. Training content is imparted in a playful way and is developed by the students themselves. The information conveyed in this manner remains more deeply anchored in the memory and encourages students to think about what they have experienced. Students are prompted to make decisions and receive direct feedback from the protagonists on the consequences of their decisions. In this instance, a multiple-choice quiz was used to demonstrate how the use of certain quantities of material affects the end product.


Innovation and entertainment

The interactive 360-degree tour takes you through a work process in a realistic manner. In doing so, the VR application manages to address the future generation of recruits in an innovative and entertaining way and leave them with lasting inspiration.

The virtual 360-degree training tour
… seems deceptively real – especially as a result of the interactive elements.
… can be carried out on a tour of the plant during ongoing operation.
… can also take place in the classroom.
… inspires young people through its innovative VR technology alone.
… only requires the VR headset – no smartphone or tablet needed.
… can also be viewed from a tablet or other media.
… can be used specifically for instructing new apprentices.
… saves time and personnel capacities.


The development of 360-degree training tour included:

  • Storyboard
  • Shooting work over two days
  • Addition of virtual components
  • Development of the VR application including interactive elements
  • Configuration of the VR headset Oculus Go
  • Version for tablet use
  • Desktop version

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