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“Create your own reality” in a self-confident, even sassy but quite accurate way. Because we never stop forging new realities for our customers and helping inspire, inform, train and explain to them, with AR and VR applications.

We make everything simpler and easier to understand Using augmented reality, we project digital images and data onto real objects. All of which means information is placed directly in context. This approach, which involves superimposing the virtual and optical directly on physical objects, eliminates any effort on the part of the user to make the transition between the digital and real worlds.

Nowadays, our AR and VR developments and applications can be found in marketing, at product presentations and at trade fairs and events, as well as virtual city tours. In the area of Industry 4.0, we redesign maintenance and service processes and unite geographically distant people in virtual rooms.

This paves the way for all-new approaches in training and education as well as research, thanks to virtual realities.

We emerged when elements from the University of Bielefeld were hived off and still collaborate closely with the research and development section to this day. We are headquartered in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, in the middle of East Westfalia, one of the digital centers and nodes of the NRW cluster networks.

Get to know us and learn more about us, our network and our exciting AR- and VR-solutions – more and more people are contacting us daily!

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