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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality techniques have a great potential for applications in a multitude of fields, e.g. in marketing, training, rapid prototyping, ergonomics analyses, education or entertainment. We open up this potential in the virtual space for our customers and allow them to move through these new worlds with a dance-like agility. As the German word Raumtänzer - space dancer - says.

Augmented reality for agencies

More and more companies are dealing with the possibilities augmented reality offers and are searching for concepts for meaningfully enriching their existing marketing using augmented reality. We support advertising and Internet agencies in the design and expansion of expertise in this field. For this, we offer consultancy and tools such as White Label apps and AR templates.

Augmented reality for publishing houses

We offer a very special service for publishing houses: An AR app in your own corporate design. With the app, printed materials can be enriched with interactive contents. In an ideal case, also by your own employees. We support publishing houses in building relevant expertise and in using the right tools.

our services

Raumtänzer experts ...

... advise companies with regard to fields of application and the implementation of virtual or augmented reality.

... develop new technologies for interacting with virtual or augmented reality, which makes it even easier for users to employ these techniques in a profitable way.

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